Below, you can see the basic pricing of each of my services.
Those prices only are indicative and can vary according to the project.

Composing and producing

Mixing is included, except in case of prior request. The price will then be re-ajusted downward.

Music for picture

250€/per minute

Full instrumental production


Production of an existing (and already composed) song

You’re a songwriter, singer or band looking to have a finished, ready-to-sell product ?
Production is the missing step.




• My services include up to 2 free revisions.
• Voice pitching and tuning included. (If needed)
Mixing of one song
Mixing of a 4-tracks EP
Mixing of a 5-7 tracks EP
Mixing of a 8-10 tracks album
Mixing of a +10 tracks album

Sound Design

Sound design for videogames

Add a whole new dimension to your game.

My knowledge of middlewares like Wwise and fmod shall make your game come alive !

Sound design without Wwise/fmod integration

150€/per minute

Sound design with Wwise/fmod integration

150€/per minute + 30€/per hour while integrating

Not familiar with Wwise or fmod ?

Those are the most reputed audio engines in the video game area, and are used in almost everyone of them. These are industry standards, and they are used in indie games as in the AAA sector.

More about Wwise
More about fmod