Frequently asked questions

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My name is Ryan Mc Guinness, sound professional based in Belgium. Here, I offer my composing/producing/mixing/sound design services.

I think I could say the way I trust my ears.

I really love everything around modern rock in my daily life, sometimes with a little bit of pop and electronica influences. I work with the greatest variety of genres I can, and I’m always really enthusiast when it comes to discovering a new one.

Ideal format is WAV PCM, Bit depth set at 24 bits and a sample rate set at 44.1 KHz. You can send me your stems (=pre-mix tracks) through WeTransfer, Mediafire or Mega for instance.

I compose/produce/record usually on Ableton Live. For mixing, I switch to Pro Tools since I find it’s more convenient for mixing.

When integrating sounds or music to video games, I use fmod or Wwise.

For sound design, I love using Reaper.

No worries ! Feel free to contact me and pitch your project, we’ll find a solution together.